Turnkey solutions for your industry!

Resegeometri creates unique opportunities for the right documentation prior business planning, customer communication and product development based on customer independent view on travel and travel suppliers in the Nordic region.
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Turnkey solutions for your industry

Resegeometri has gathered knowledge, methods and tools in selected industries.
• Turnkey solutions
• Insights and benchmarks in your industry
• Network meetings
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Powerful feedback system

Resegeometri has a user-friendly and powerful cloud service
surveys, analysis, reporting and improvement.
• Smart questionnaires
• Mean, Median, Quotas & Correlation Analysis
• Measure and improve support

Reliable market information!

Since 2004 is Resegeometri communicating customers’ opinions on the Nordic travel market to support customer-driven communication and business development.

New releases!:

  • Nordic Business Travel Forecast 2018
  • Nordic Business Travel Challenges 2018
  • Travel Industry´s Most Deprived Areas 2018
  • Business Travel Brands & Benchmark 2017 (The measurement which forms the basis for Business Travel Awards)
    • Airline Benchmark
    • Hotel Benchmark
    • TMC Benchmark
    • Car Rental Benchmark
    • Payment Benchmark
  • State of the Business Travel Market Q3 2017
  • Swedish Leisure Travel Barometer 2017
  • Norwegian Conferences & Meetings 2017
  • Swedish Conferences & Meetings 2017

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About Resegeometri

Resegeometri have analyzed the Nordic travel and meetings industry since 2004 with the sole aim of creating an independent and objective knowledge of the industry and its development.

The business idea originated in the need of a national, independent, and thus credible market information that we've missed in all our previous positions within the travel industry. We have over the years built up an unique knowledge base that we use in our various reports, consultancy, workshops and presentations. With our market research and industry experience, we are a competent partner for customer, competitor and trend analysis, and creates opportunities for the right documentation prior business planning, customer communications and product development.

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